Site Auditing
  -  Confirmation of Compliance of Electrical Network (SANS 10142)‏
  -  Analysis of Electrical Network, i.e. Capacity, Discrimination, etc. (with report).
Energy Management and Saving
   Network Profile Recording: Logging of energy usage, maximum demand, power factor, events,
      such as voltage sags/spikes, etc.
   Plan and control energy usage
   Identify opportunities to save energy
   Take advantage of incentives from government/authorities for energy projects
   Realise improved building performance, long-term saving and reduced maintenance costs
Safety and Network Reliability
   Any business should pride themselves on a safe and reliable electrical network.
   Human lives cannot be replaced and injuries not reversed, the same with lost production time.
Power Quality
The monitoring of power quality becomes a very important aspect to avoid end user power failures (i.e. nuisance tripping or overload tripping) and failure of equipment.